For time being


My current state of mind is quite dull. No mood to do anything. I feel just like to lie down, stare the ceiling and go to sleep. Daily chores and household work have no option, so I am doing it.

I am hating to see myself like this. I have always been a happy and cheerful person. I love my schedule, my friends, my work, my hobbies. But since a week or so, I don’t feel like doing any damn thing.

Still I am trying to cheer myself up by doing some grooming for myself. Meeting my besties. Eating my favourite food items​. I feel fine just for that time. Then I am again, back to pavillion, back to the “dull me”.

I know this is a temporary state. I am at my lowest lows now. I will be fit as fiddle in just a while. Just the problem is, I don’t know the duration of this “while”. When this “while” is over, I will shine like a star and rock the show after the break. As it is said , the show must go on….


The Zone

A corner and a really good book is my “Zone”. It’s a part of my daily schedule! Every day I need some food for thought and the books provide me that. The corner of my room acts as my best supporter, to just sit back and relax. It makes me feel comfortable and cozy! A cherry on the top is a cup of hot coffee… It’s like my perfect date with myself!

I am surrounded by a crowd all day. They inspire me in different ways. I try to absorb the good things among them. In the end of the day, I try to sum up the events, the thoughts and things learnt in “The Zone”.

I am thankful I have a “Glass”

When asked whether the glass is half-full or half-empty, I would prefer to put it as – “I am thankful to have a glass!” Seriously!!! Loved the quote which I read few days back! We always tend to forget the things we are gifted with, and we take them for granted… But in all this process we forget to be thankful for the things we have received, which we didn’t demand at all…

The sunshine in the morning, the air we breathe, our parents and the soul within us! I am thankful to God for these wonderful gifts!!!