Let’s cross over…

Zebra crossing – to cross the road. A bridge to cross the river. The flyover to cross a crowded area. Cross the ocean, cross the sea, cross the lake, cross the stream; hire a boat and you can cross these water bodies. This crossing activity is for overcoming the obstacles, leading us to our destination.

Second thoughts… Other than these geographical obstacles, we have our personal obstacles… our fears. Sometimes conscious, sometimes sub-conscious; we always have them.

We have our “can’t do it” items. Adventure games, bungee jumping, sky diving, para gliding,  hiking in the woods, looking down the heights, pursuing hobby in busy schedule… We feel a churn in the stomach listening to these. Somewhere in the corner of our heart, we wish to do all of it. But… this “but” stops us from doing it. What to do, to remove this “but”?

Start working on one fear at a time. Start with lowest intensity, e.g. Simple adventure games, looking down 10 storey building, devoting 10 min in a week for your hobby… Sounds doable? Yes? Just the thought, of doing it makes us feel happy. Pat your back, for beginning the transition to cross over your fears!

The happy feeling, after doing something, we could not achieve for years, itself will be your motivation to keep going. Congratulations! You have started your journey, to overcome your fears… Let’s cross over…!!!


For time being


My current state of mind is quite dull. No mood to do anything. I feel just like to lie down, stare the ceiling and go to sleep. Daily chores and household work have no option, so I am doing it.

I am hating to see myself like this. I have always been a happy and cheerful person. I love my schedule, my friends, my work, my hobbies. But since a week or so, I don’t feel like doing any damn thing.

Still I am trying to cheer myself up by doing some grooming for myself. Meeting my besties. Eating my favourite food items​. I feel fine just for that time. Then I am again, back to pavillion, back to the “dull me”.

I know this is a temporary state. I am at my lowest lows now. I will be fit as fiddle in just a while. Just the problem is, I don’t know the duration of this “while”. When this “while” is over, I will shine like a star and rock the show after the break. As it is said , the show must go on….

Men like these…

In my current project, since a few days, my team lead was talking to me in a rough tone. He was pressurising me to complete the work by staying back in office after office hours. I had got really sad about all this. I was in a dilemma how to tell him to behave with me in a professional manner. I was fearing that this might affect my team culture.

I shared this situation with my manager, in order to seek a solution, to stop this daily routine. He said,”You are a girl. People around you, should talk to you with respect. Every team member should get a fair chance to decide the time required for task completion. And always remember, being a girl you can achieve whatever you wish for! ”

These words by him, really boosted me up a lot. He helped me get back my self-confidence and gave me a new vigour to fight back the injustice done to me. I felt really very happy.

And I started thinking…

In my society, even in the 21st century women are given secondary importance in all walks of life. Women are harrassed by famil members, are taken for granted in relationships, are looked down upon at work place…

Although being in a society with a male-dominated culture, I am blessed to have really great supporters, who are men. One such person is my manager!

Dear God, Thank you for blessing me with such an amazing person in my life!

There’s not a star in heaven that we can’t reach

Reason to Believe

We’re soarin’, flyin’
There’s not a star in heaven
That we can’t reach

You know the world can see us
In a way that’s different than who we are

Creating space between us
‘Til we’re separate hearts

But your faith it gives me strength
Strength to believe…

This song from “High School Musical” just struck me when I saw the topic! This is one of my favorite song!

These words are my conversation with myself. They really boost me up. I get to believe myself.

We have our family and friends with us to help us rise up and keep moving towards our goal. This is external motivation. But at times, we do not get this support, when needed. At this point, we need this internal motivation. Sometimes we really need this inner voice of ours to keep going. Thus we get the reason to believe, reason to keep going…!


Nikita’s venture or ours?

When we (me, Shweta and Nikita) had visited the last Glimpse Art Festival in April, we three had this one thought in mind – in the next Glimpse Festival Nikita must have a desk here.

Nikita makes paper quilling articles of all different kinds. She needed a market to open up her artistic mind. We three started collecting all the minute details which could help Nikita build up a collection of unique articles. Types of bookmarks, visiting cards for marketing, stickers on items, a bag for packing… With this energy, Nikita was boosted with a bunch of ideas – styles of earrings, colors for pins, cartoons for paper clips, cartoons on rakhis, minions on paper clips, 20 piece tea set, jewelers boxes, chocolate bouquets, flowery hair clips, fancy zhumkis, bouquet of quilled flowers, shiner for items, kundans for highlights….

Ankita Didi (Nikita’s elder sister) being our market rate analyst took care of the pricing details. We were relieved on that front. Anu Ma (Nikita’s mom) helped us out with quantity of items, color combinations, inviting friends and families, since she has an awesome social circle! Dada helped us out for printing of cards, getting raw materials and asking Nikita to take breaks from her work. Nupur to help out the ‘completing the uncompleted stuff’, since she too is a quilling artist!

Most importantly we all did a common thing, we all kept Nikita motivated to keep working. Quilling being a time taking and a bit of tedious job, it was but obvious that she used to get tired and bugged up. Anu Ma did a rocking job here by preparing delicacies the whole day!

Finally the day for exhibition arrived and we all were very much excited for it. For 2 days we all enjoyed thoroughly being there at the desk. To give information about the work, to give away visiting cards, to fight for change, to keep the money bank safe… all was fun! It was such a satisfaction to see all the work being appreciated by the visitors. It was moment of pride when friends and relatives came by to congratulate Nikita for her work.

We all could feel a bright light of happiness within us in the end of the exhibition. Nikita’s desk at Glimpse was a successful venture for all of us!

Last but not the least; we would like to thank AK Media Services for organizing a beautiful event called “Glimpse”!