Strengthening the strengths…

We are all made up of ions, the positive and negative ones. We have our list of pros and cons. We have our selections of ok and not-ok!

How often we focus on “the don’t wants”, “the can’t dos”, “the hate its”, rather than “the surely wants”,”the can dos”, “the love to do it”… We have heard many folks saying, take efforts to overcome or lessen our weaknesses. I add to it, sharpen and strengthen your strengths too! What say?

We all have a lot of “I can do this very well” inside us. It’s just a matter of time when we dive into it and make it a part of our daily routine. The old wisdom in our homes always reminds us to practice daily, to make the outcome better and better…

Let us start working on our skills just to make them better. I wish you all the best towards this journey of a better “you”!





Men like these…

In my current project, since a few days, my team lead was talking to me in a rough tone. He was pressurising me to complete the work by staying back in office after office hours. I had got really sad about all this. I was in a dilemma how to tell him to behave with me in a professional manner. I was fearing that this might affect my team culture.

I shared this situation with my manager, in order to seek a solution, to stop this daily routine. He said,”You are a girl. People around you, should talk to you with respect. Every team member should get a fair chance to decide the time required for task completion. And always remember, being a girl you can achieve whatever you wish for! ”

These words by him, really boosted me up a lot. He helped me get back my self-confidence and gave me a new vigour to fight back the injustice done to me. I felt really very happy.

And I started thinking…

In my society, even in the 21st century women are given secondary importance in all walks of life. Women are harrassed by famil members, are taken for granted in relationships, are looked down upon at work place…

Although being in a society with a male-dominated culture, I am blessed to have really great supporters, who are men. One such person is my manager!

Dear God, Thank you for blessing me with such an amazing person in my life!

The Zone

A corner and a really good book is my “Zone”. It’s a part of my daily schedule! Every day I need some food for thought and the books provide me that. The corner of my room acts as my best supporter, to just sit back and relax. It makes me feel comfortable and cozy! A cherry on the top is a cup of hot coffee… It’s like my perfect date with myself!

I am surrounded by a crowd all day. They inspire me in different ways. I try to absorb the good things among them. In the end of the day, I try to sum up the events, the thoughts and things learnt in “The Zone”.

I am thankful I have a “Glass”

When asked whether the glass is half-full or half-empty, I would prefer to put it as – “I am thankful to have a glass!” Seriously!!! Loved the quote which I read few days back! We always tend to forget the things we are gifted with, and we take them for granted… But in all this process we forget to be thankful for the things we have received, which we didn’t demand at all…

The sunshine in the morning, the air we breathe, our parents and the soul within us! I am thankful to God for these wonderful gifts!!!