Men like these…

In my current project, since a few days, my team lead was talking to me in a rough tone. He was pressurising me to complete the work by staying back in office after office hours. I had got really sad about all this. I was in a dilemma how to tell him to behave with me in a professional manner. I was fearing that this might affect my team culture.

I shared this situation with my manager, in order to seek a solution, to stop this daily routine. He said,”You are a girl. People around you, should talk to you with respect. Every team member should get a fair chance to decide the time required for task completion. And always remember, being a girl you can achieve whatever you wish for! ”

These words by him, really boosted me up a lot. He helped me get back my self-confidence and gave me a new vigour to fight back the injustice done to me. I felt really very happy.

And I started thinking…

In my society, even in the 21st century women are given secondary importance in all walks of life. Women are harrassed by famil members, are taken for granted in relationships, are looked down upon at work place…

Although being in a society with a male-dominated culture, I am blessed to have really great supporters, who are men. One such person is my manager!

Dear God, Thank you for blessing me with such an amazing person in my life!


Lucky me…

I was feeling quite down and dull today, because of my work pressure. I have been hating the idea that I have to go to work tomorrow. Even though these will be my last few days in this project, still seeing the sad faces tomorrow morning was the thing, making me sick.

Just then my college mate called up. My mood was instantly happy. He was shouting at me that I don’t call him regularly. We were discussing gifts fir each other on our birthdays. We were giving names to each other, as always. He told he will be coming back in my hometown, the next week. The feeling to see him after a long time was soothing.

We are friends since quite some time, 10 years to be precise! It’s like we can talk for endless time, on any damn topic… He is been in the US for 3 years now, still our bond is still the same. I feel good just by talking to him.

I am thankful to God for blessing me with such a wonderful friend who makes me feeling good and peaceful at heart.

May God bless us with such friends in our lives, just to make sure we are good to go for the next day in our life’s journey!

Your personal touch…


When we add a new element in our daily routine, it’s a style. Inspiration for this are all around us. It’s just that we need to be ready to receive these signals.

Style is clubbing two weird things together. Sky is the limit for our experiments. In the end, I feel our life is nothing but a set of experiments. Makes sense!!?? (This is the patent dilog of my new manager)

Style is adding a new spice in lunch recipe. Style is teaming up an old shirt with a new scarf. Style is doing a DIY on the favorite shoes. Style is using colored pens for making notes.

So add your style in your day tomorrow, feel the change, feel the happiness, enjoy the compliments…

If you can’t understand my silence….


“If you can’t understand my silence, you cannot understand my words.”

I had read this quote few years back, on a poster, where a lion was sitting in a king like posture in the woods.

We do not have to explain our actions. I truly believe whatever an individual does or says is totally his conscience.

We being humans, are bound to make mistakes. People around us will shout at us for these mistakes. But it’s our virtue to be silent at this time.

We need to take up the ownership of our words and actions. If something goes wrong, we should put up the required efforts to correct the wrong.

May be this is the way we cultivate virtues in us, to create a positive environment around us, to create a better society in the end!

Out of Routine


The best part of hiking is that I get to the things which I don’t generally do in routine life. May it be carrying a heavy backpack, get disconnected from the digital world, spending time amidst nature just to get amazed one more time looking at its beauty and so on….

As a team, the sharing and caring is learnt every time in a different way. Each time I get a different perspective towards the bonds we share in a team.

The silence around, the calls by birds, the insects, the bees, the rains, the sunset, the sunrise, the decoration of stars, all of it make me go in my soul searching mode. The next day I find a new me, and I am ready for a new n fresh start..


Give time, some time….

Broken things get repaired, but if something is shattered, it needs healing. And healing takes and needs it’s sweet time. The only thing in my hand is to hang on till then… To give time, some time…

I am developing hell lot of perseverance. My hearing filters are being developed very well, to accept good things and ignore the bad things.

It’s my time to prove I am a strong and tough girl. It’s my time to invest the time in myself, in the best possible ways.

Weekend Coffee Share – A week full of experiments!

If we were having coffee, I would have told you experiments and learnings this week. At work place, I had to deliver a new method of implementation, that too a time-bound one. Thankfully I could successfully do it!

To handle a lazy peer at office, was a new learning. I learnt to act thoughtfully. Keep calm rather mum at times. But continue to do the allotted work religiously. In the end of the week, I patted myself to practice the quote – “keep calm and work on”!!

Weekend was spent shopping gifts for my friend’s birthday and making a new dessert in kitchen.

I made gulab-jam today. It will be a gift for another friend, who has her birthday tomorrow. She had warned me, not to buy any gift for her. So I thought, what could be a better gift for her than her favorite dessert!!

This week was full of experiments, and I must say successful ones!