Strengthening the strengths…

We are all made up of ions, the positive and negative ones. We have our list of pros and cons. We have our selections of ok and not-ok!

How often we focus on “the don’t wants”, “the can’t dos”, “the hate its”, rather than “the surely wants”,”the can dos”, “the love to do it”… We have heard many folks saying, take efforts to overcome or lessen our weaknesses. I add to it, sharpen and strengthen your strengths too! What say?

We all have a lot of “I can do this very well” inside us. It’s just a matter of time when we dive into it and make it a part of our daily routine. The old wisdom in our homes always reminds us to practice daily, to make the outcome better and better…

Let us start working on our skills just to make them better. I wish you all the best towards this journey of a better “you”!





Follow the heart…

You feel like doing something totally out of the blue. You just wish to get up and get going for a drive. You want a warm hug in the arms of your dear one. You desire to lay in the bed, bunking office on a weekday. You crave to have your favourite ice cream in the middle of the night. You want to go all the way to the other end of the city, just to sip your favourite coffee!

Just look at the list! All of these wishes sound so weird. They make no sense at all. It’s an assortment of illogical notions. But, these thoughts surely made you smile, for a while!

These instances are from our routine life. Give a thought for some of the life changing decisions. Choosing your hobby as your career. Investing in a not-so-popular theme. Starting a venture tossing the current reliable job. Standing firmly by a friend who is dejected by society for being less fortunate. Doing an act against the socio-economic culture… All this, just because your heart says… it’s right, just do it!

The heart’s voice is our courage. It’s the strength which refuels us, every single time we need it. Mind you, it’s very very powerful which can make you go topsy- turvy. In the end, making you proud of yourself and making you own yourself!


Tiny Little Things…

How you express your love, your care, your affection? It’s just taking care of the tiny little things. It can just be holding the heavy office bag, carrying the jacket in AC movie theatre or refilling the liquid soap at the washbasin!

It takes a lot of thought to be proactive. You really need to be a keen observer. These small observations are your love for the person. These become our guiding light to the adoring actions.

Love whispers in the beautiful language of these actions. It is the touch of a warm hand in a crowd, saying,”Don’t worry, I am there by your side!”

Lucky are the one’s who are blessed with such loving hearts! May God bless these soulmates!

Tenterhooks for all…


The shirt on the tenterhook has still a part of the day to deliver, before getting revamped in the washing machine. It has a task to serve, before making a new start. The buttoned-up look, with dash of a pleasant perfume, topped by a slightly broken crease; are the proof of a hectic day. But we have a hitch. The tenterhook is a resting period to gear up for stamping the day as “Done”!

This resting period is our “power nap”. It’s just like the refueling session of a Ferrari, equipped to cover up the remaining laps and cross the finish line like a shining star!

These tenterhooks happen to be a part of all things, may it be living and non-living. A log of wood is resting till it turns into a drawing board. A flower is dormat inside a seed, before it shoots up as a plant. A foetus is asleep in the mother’s womb, to rise and shine in this wonderful world of ours!

Let us take such tenterhook breaks in our day and our weekly routine. Take a coffee break, sit up in cafeteria, breathe in some fresh air. Leave a day early from your workplace, meet up a friend, relive your memories. Visit a garden, watch the kids playing, smell the flowers. Sit back in the armchair, with your favourite novel and a cup of hot coffee!!!

Wish you all some awesome tenterhook breaks and may you all fly high with brighter and shinier colours, to achieve your dreams in a marvelous manner!



Smile – inside out

“Like minds attract eachother!”

This thought is so very true for our friends. If our wavelength matches, we are friends. Our wavelength is nothing much our thoughts and reactions about a thing.

My granny used to say that we should always have a smile on our face. We should always carry a pleasant personality. Since God has graced us with such a good life and family, we should always be contented in all walks of life, at all times.

Me and my teammate turned friend Neha, are just like this. We both are happy faces. We laugh aloud on the silliest jokes we come across. We have loads of friends, from different friend circles. Our friends of friends are our friends too.

We have a happy and cheerful environment in our team. Since our mind is happy, we deliver quality work. Thus, we have happy clients!

We have similar taste of attires, where comfort matters more than the styles. We are obsessed with eating salads. We love workouts.

We are the “girl” of the family. We take care of our families very well. We are contented in our lives. We have our short term as well as long term plans in place, and we work religiously on them to work them out.

To sum up the story I can say, as Neha has her real sister Atmaja, I have Neha as my soul sister!

Forever Habits…

Yesterday a school friend of mine shared an article with me. The prose was a really good piece, listing some lessons to be practiced in our day to day life. Some short an simple quotes, which I felt to be really inspiring.

As a regular practice, I noted them down on a sheet, in different colored pens and put it up on my office desk.

I took a picture of it and sent it to her. The great thing was – she too had done the same thing as me. I was amazed!!

We used to do this activity in our school days, that whenever we found something good, we noted it down. After all, faint ink is better than a strong memory.

It was really great to notice that this one practice of ours is still the same, since over a decade! Some things have not changed with time, and I am happy to have experienced it!

For time being


My current state of mind is quite dull. No mood to do anything. I feel just like to lie down, stare the ceiling and go to sleep. Daily chores and household work have no option, so I am doing it.

I am hating to see myself like this. I have always been a happy and cheerful person. I love my schedule, my friends, my work, my hobbies. But since a week or so, I don’t feel like doing any damn thing.

Still I am trying to cheer myself up by doing some grooming for myself. Meeting my besties. Eating my favourite food items​. I feel fine just for that time. Then I am again, back to pavillion, back to the “dull me”.

I know this is a temporary state. I am at my lowest lows now. I will be fit as fiddle in just a while. Just the problem is, I don’t know the duration of this “while”. When this “while” is over, I will shine like a star and rock the show after the break. As it is said , the show must go on….