Tenterhooks for all…


The shirt on the tenterhook has still a part of the day to deliver, before getting revamped in the washing machine. It has a task to serve, before making a new start. The buttoned-up look, with dash of a pleasant perfume, topped by a slightly broken crease; are the proof of a hectic day. But we have a hitch. The tenterhook is a resting period to gear up for stamping the day as “Done”!

This resting period is our “power nap”. It’s just like the refueling session of a Ferrari, equipped to cover up the remaining laps and cross the finish line like a shining star!

These tenterhooks happen to be a part of all things, may it be living and non-living. A log of wood is resting till it turns into a drawing board. A flower is dormat inside a seed, before it shoots up as a plant. A foetus is asleep in the mother’s womb, to rise and shine in this wonderful world of ours!

Let us take such tenterhook breaks in our day and our weekly routine. Take a coffee break, sit up in cafeteria, breathe in some fresh air. Leave a day early from your workplace, meet up a friend, relive your memories. Visit a garden, watch the kids playing, smell the flowers. Sit back in the armchair, with your favourite novel and a cup of hot coffee!!!

Wish you all some awesome tenterhook breaks and may you all fly high with brighter and shinier colours, to achieve your dreams in a marvelous manner!




Tender Coconut


In the world of icecreams when the flavours of strawberry, orange and mango were the celebrated ones, Natural’s Icecream came up with an unconventional range of icecreams!

“Tender Coconut” is one such impeccable innovation. Vanilla icecream having kernels of green coconut!! Yum yum..!!!

The flavour is soothing. I feel like having scoop after scoop, till my heart’s content! Coconut being available all year round, we can enjoy the fresh icecream anytime and everytime we want!

God bless the innovators of such bewildering ideas! May we get to eat more such wonderful icecreams!

For time being


My current state of mind is quite dull. No mood to do anything. I feel just like to lie down, stare the ceiling and go to sleep. Daily chores and household work have no option, so I am doing it.

I am hating to see myself like this. I have always been a happy and cheerful person. I love my schedule, my friends, my work, my hobbies. But since a week or so, I don’t feel like doing any damn thing.

Still I am trying to cheer myself up by doing some grooming for myself. Meeting my besties. Eating my favourite food items​. I feel fine just for that time. Then I am again, back to pavillion, back to the “dull me”.

I know this is a temporary state. I am at my lowest lows now. I will be fit as fiddle in just a while. Just the problem is, I don’t know the duration of this “while”. When this “while” is over, I will shine like a star and rock the show after the break. As it is said , the show must go on….

Your personal touch…


When we add a new element in our daily routine, it’s a style. Inspiration for this are all around us. It’s just that we need to be ready to receive these signals.

Style is clubbing two weird things together. Sky is the limit for our experiments. In the end, I feel our life is nothing but a set of experiments. Makes sense!!?? (This is the patent dilog of my new manager)

Style is adding a new spice in lunch recipe. Style is teaming up an old shirt with a new scarf. Style is doing a DIY on the favorite shoes. Style is using colored pens for making notes.

So add your style in your day tomorrow, feel the change, feel the happiness, enjoy the compliments…

Out of Routine


The best part of hiking is that I get to the things which I don’t generally do in routine life. May it be carrying a heavy backpack, get disconnected from the digital world, spending time amidst nature just to get amazed one more time looking at its beauty and so on….

As a team, the sharing and caring is learnt every time in a different way. Each time I get a different perspective towards the bonds we share in a team.

The silence around, the calls by birds, the insects, the bees, the rains, the sunset, the sunrise, the decoration of stars, all of it make me go in my soul searching mode. The next day I find a new me, and I am ready for a new n fresh start..




“Awesome ends with Me!”
I had read this quote long long time ago.
The hidden ‘me’ in ‘awesome’ is a message for us. It tells us we all have it in ourselves. It is just a matter of time and motivation that defines how much ‘awe’ factor is to be shown or seen.
So next time whenever you feel down or just want to rock the show, just remember you have it in you. Look at yourself in the mirror and say it aloud, “I am Awesome!”

There’s not a star in heaven that we can’t reach

Reason to Believe

We’re soarin’, flyin’
There’s not a star in heaven
That we can’t reach

You know the world can see us
In a way that’s different than who we are

Creating space between us
‘Til we’re separate hearts

But your faith it gives me strength
Strength to believe…

This song from “High School Musical” just struck me when I saw the topic! This is one of my favorite song!

These words are my conversation with myself. They really boost me up. I get to believe myself.

We have our family and friends with us to help us rise up and keep moving towards our goal. This is external motivation. But at times, we do not get this support, when needed. At this point, we need this internal motivation. Sometimes we really need this inner voice of ours to keep going. Thus we get the reason to believe, reason to keep going…!