Let bygones be bygones…


Everyday we meet our folks. The everyday ones, the besties, the oldies, the blue moon appearances, and the categories continue… We interact with them. There is a barter of thoughts.

Each of us has our list of likes and dislikes. We all have our point of views. There comes a time when we fight for “the last word”, while sometimes we “agree to disagree”.

The next time we meet, it’s a decision to be made; whether to let go the past and start afresh or to live with prejudice and play the attack-defense game.

I have learned to follow the former one! I just live in the moment, say out loud whatever I feel and relax. I follow my heart, to just look forward rather than in the rear view.

Like it’s said “To err is human, to forgive is Divine”! I feel to let go the bygones is the simplest implementation of this quote. It’s the easiest way to buy peace for ourselves.

As quoted by Dale Carnegie in his book ‘How to stop worrying and start living’, he says “to live in day-tight compartments”. It’s nothing but to focus on the today’s day and face it, fair and square! Set targets for the day, achieve them, pat ourself on the achievement and that’s it. For me, to implement this was a tough job. But after racking my brain regularly, I can now very well decide the tasks for the day and achieve it.

In all these quotes and sayings, there is a common thread. We need to look in one way, we need to look forward. Let’s  seize the moment between recent past and immediate future, and live a happy life!



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