Life After Blogs

Life After Blogs

My life without computers would not make much difference, just that I would have to change my career path totally. Being a web developer, I need to read and keep myself upgraded with the new trends in the market. So regularly I need to spend time (rather the whole day) using the computers.

If it would not have been computers, I would be meeting my friends more often. More outings, more get-togethers, more  functions, more shopping, loads of window shopping on the streets, more interaction with more people and of course more books to read and refer.

More letters, more hand written notes, more greeting cards,  more designs and ideas for the greeting cards, more hobby classes, more gardening, more trees, more trekking!

Only written communication, only letters with the friends and relatives in another cities and countries.

So moral of the story I feel, when one option is eliminated we automatically search and switch to other options available and thus “the show goes on!” 🙂


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