He knows it…

Since it was a holiday for my tuitions that day, I was at home completing my assignments the whole day. It’s a regular routine on holidays. I sit with my laptop on the couch and television is “buzzing” the whole day, with channel featuring movies back to back! 😛

In the evening, I received call from Dad our conversation was:

Dad -”I will be home by8. What are you doing?”

Me – “Watching movie!”

Dad – “How many movies have you watched since morning? This is surely not the first one since morning!”

I was surprised (and shocked) at first, hearing the confidence with which he had information about my ‘movie watching’ schedule!  And then I got my answer! After all he is my father! Even if he doesn’t show that he is paying attention to me, he has a keen (close and secret) eye on me. He observes all my actions but doesn’t let me know anything about that!

Mom is a Mom and Dad is a Dad! Both play different roles and both are the best at playing their roles!


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