First Sight

I have always been and still am, fascinated to stand by the deep blue sea, touching the wonderful horizon. This experience is just a bliss! I feel Heavenly here… Cherry on the top is to see the setting sun on the horizon, with cool breeze running around and the sky is full of beautiful colors.

I long to get this experience, since it is rare that I get to visit a seashore. May be this is the reason that I crave for this even more. This is my First Sight or I can say Love at First Sight experience!

To see the setting Sun, we need to be at a  specific place, on a specific time, the sky should be clear… If all these things are perfect then we can have the favor of watching the Sun, going down the horizon. Too many thoughts come to my mind every time I experience this. It makes me feel, that we are such a small part of this Nature. There are very few things around us that we can have control on. It makes me feel really down to earth. It helps me to re-boost my confidence and work on the things which I can do. It helps me to understand that there are few things not under my control, and I do not have to worry about them. Those things will fall in place as and when time goes by. And when this will happen, Yes.. The day will be mine and I can get to see the sunset on the seashore!!!


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