Our Time

“How I spent my Diwali Vacation” was the topic for essay writing session, given to kids, on the day they rejoined school after the vacation. All of them were engrossed happily writing, except Ramesh. He was looking around, waiting for others to finish. Teacher came up and asked for his essay. “I didn’t spend the Diwali Vacation, it was spent,” was the only line written in his book. Like Ramesh’s Diwali Vacation our life too is spent. Time just flies away in a moment and when we look back, our reaction is “Oh, it was just yesterday.”

            While calculating the to-do list for weekdays and weekends, we miss out to plan our lives. There are so many small-small things, which we wish to-do and achieve for ourselves and our dear ones. But most of it missed out in the lapse of time. Have we ever given a thought, why?

            Pick up a pen and paper, and just jot down all the things you want to do, with the timeline for it. Daily take up a min to re-read the list. See for yourself and your thought process will start up in the back end. You will take out time for the things you wish to in the time you have.

            “In the end of life, you won’t regret for the things you did, but for the things you didn’t do.” So buddies take it up and live it up!!!


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